Who is Elise Michel For ?

At Elise Michel, we have worked with an insane variety of clients, giving us the opportunity to help you regardless of who you are or your budget. From the teacher looking to be recognized as an authority figure in her field, to the international hotel chain looking to simplify their social media presence, we have done it all. Get in touch with an Elise Michel consultant and let’s discuss your project.


Whether you are a freelancer, an artist, an entrepreneur, or an employed professional, Elise Michel can help you build yourself up :

  • Set up your social media platforms
  • Growing your social media following
  • Creating and sharing content on a daily basis to create your online presence
  • Making sure people who search you online find you and say “wow”

Elise Michel is the solution to your promotional hassle. You will create the content and we will take care of promoting it using our network and the platforms available to us.


If you have a business, you need customers, plain and simple. Without customers there really is not much reason to get up in the morning, and drive to the office. However, small businesses are also presented with different challenges. Sourcing new leads can be difficult without a large staff.

That’s where Elise Michel comes in. We will:

  • Figure out who your perfect client is, the one you like to work with, who appreciates your work, and who can afford you.
  • Figure out your unique selling proposition, the thing that makes you unique versus your competitors
  • Make a bullet proof plan to market your unique business to your perfect client
  • Create relationships via direct contact


Elise Michel provides your business with a much-needed fresh viewpoint. Your employees are too busy with their daily tasks to spend time fixing small marketing problems. Elise Michel’s consultants will come in, with a fresh point of view, and develop the blueprint your employees need to make their job easier.

With years of expertise, proven successful campaigns, and projects in a huge variety of industries, Elise Michel is the best fit for you.

We’ve worked with advertising agencies to develop their social media department. We’re worked with hotel chains to determine and communicate clearly their competitive advantage. We’ve worked with Car rental companies on their online presence.