The Orange Test

You go to a store looking for oranges. You sort through the batch; choose the richest, orangest ones; and take them home.

You have been fooled.

There is no correlation between the orangeness of an orange and its flavor. Growers pick oranges when they are green, and at that moment, the oranges are as rich, ripe, and juicy as they will ever be.

The rich orange color is actually the orange growers' trick. The growers take the green oranges into the plant and "gas" them with an ethylene compound, which breaks down the chlorophyll in the peel that makes the peel green. (In states where it is still legal, growers also may dye the orange with Red Dye Number 2). So the orangeness is not an assurance of flavor. It is the result of all the extra chemicals and labor that went into fooling us, and for which we pay extra every time we buy an orange.

Yet even people who know this still pluck out the orangest oranges from the grocery's stock. People who know better -people like me- still are fooled by the orange's package.
This sounds very familiar, because every day in every city and town, this same act plays itself out when people choose a service. Not knowing what's really inside the service, they choose it based solely on the things they can see - in many cases, even when they know better.

Morale : Seeing is believing. So check your peel.