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What Really Sells

In the factories we make perfume," Revlon founder Charles Revson once said. "But in the store, we sell hope." So do we all. Everywhere, people are buying happiness, or the hope of it.
Happiness is so important in our country that its pursuit considered an inalienable right - together with the right to life itself - in our Declaration of Independence.

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Sometimes doing nothing means yes

I think the real masters of assuming the sale are those companies that make you do something before you can refuse to buy their products. For instance, when you rent a car, you're told to put initials on the application if you don't want the insurance. They want you to think, "I'm not going to sign that. It's just my luck that after I sign, I'll have an accident!" If you've ever belonged to a book-of-the-month, record-of-the-month, or even your favorite-fruit-of-the-month club, they make you notify them only when you don't want to buy during a particular month.

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