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Business is in the details

People who insist: "The companies in our industry are basically alike" must recognize the human trait. People feel a need to justify their decisions to themselves. So they look for differences upon which to base their decision. What does this mean to a company in an industry of lookalikes?

It means that the more alike two services are, the more important each difference become.

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Sometimes doing nothing means yes

I think the real masters of assuming the sale are those companies that make you do something before you can refuse to buy their products. For instance, when you rent a car, you're told to put initials on the application if you don't want the insurance. They want you to think, "I'm not going to sign that. It's just my luck that after I sign, I'll have an accident!" If you've ever belonged to a book-of-the-month, record-of-the-month, or even your favorite-fruit-of-the-month club, they make you notify them only when you don't want to buy during a particular month.

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