Positioning a Small Service

You cannot try to be something that does not fit the way your prospects position you.
This often painfully true in the most common service in this country: the small service company.

Prospects for these services - compagnies with from one to twenty employees generally - take the one thing they know about the service - its small size - and draw inferences.
Unfortunately, most of these inferences are negative: Why aren't you bigger? Why have I never heard of you before? Why aren't you working in a company I have heard of?
Some service companies do not recognize this problem, and they tilt at windmills. They try to hide their size or ignore the prospect's concern about it. These companies describe their service as second to none, when the prospect's clear perception is that the company is no better than fifth to many.

The small service must start with smallness - just as Oregon started with rain and Avis started with Number Two - and turn it into a positive.
The small service must start with small. It must dance with the one that bring it.

In positioning, don't try to hide your small size. Make it work by stressing its advantages, such as responsiveness and individual attention.