Artists : Mistakes to avoid on Twitter.

I have been using twitter for a while now; it is a very good social network for the promotion of art, especially because the followers feel more personally involved in your life. With time and practice, I managed to understand the mistakes that should be avoided while managing your twitter account.

These advices will be useful to artists willing to boost their twitter communication!

-        It is a mistake not to put a profile picture

Not putting an avatar can be considered careless; your followers will see you as someone who does not care enough about his or her art.

-        Do not pick a long name

If you wish to be retweeted (shared) more easily, try to have a short name on twitter. @theartistof2015whowillmakeitbig is a pain in the head to retweet, where a short and simple name will make everything easier to share, and remember.

-        Do not write in capital letters

Writing in capital letter makes it seem like you are trying to be seen by any means necessary, or that you are screaming. This will piss your followers off.

-        Try not to make too many grammar mistakes

Your followers will appreciate you not writing in sms language, they will feel respected.

-        Do not only tweet promotional messages

I see artist tweeting only “come see my art at”, which is a huge mistake and will make you look like a spammer.

-        Do not tweet offensive messages

As obvious as it may seem, try to keep a neutral position and to follow the rule of golf : not to mention politics or religion.

-        Do not overtweet

Try to avoid tweeting your daily routine hours after hours, but to focus more on the highlights of your day: inspiration, creations, news, cool discoveries. It is good to interact and be present on twitter, but try to find a good balance.

-        Do not undertweet either

Being not active will make people forget you extremely fast, especially in this new age of fast consumption and communication. You have to remind people you exist and you are driven and motivated.

-        Do not tweet personal information

As obvious as it may seem, try to avoid tweeting your phone numbers, address, credit card information…

-        Thank your followers

Always thank your followers when they comment or share your tweets. Being arrogant is never a good thing and will drive people away from you and your art.

-        Don’t mass-follow

Mass-following consists in following many people in the hopes of getting follow back. It is idiotic as it does not help reach people that are interested in you and your art, it only brings a higher number of people who ignore you.

-        Do not forget to retweet

Interaction is key for online success. Copying a tweet without retweeting the author is useless; it does not create interaction between you and your followers.

If you are a beginner on twitter, it happens to do a few mistakes. No worries, your followers are not uptight and will not run away. Your goal should be to have an effective online communication, without over-stressing over small details. On twitter, the secret is to tweet just enough to not overdose your fan base, and to be interactive with your followers.