Getting your Dominant Selling Idea Right

Here we determine what our true Dominant Selling Idea should be. It's our proposed DSI, we:
1. Choose a unique ownable specialty - the specialty we can be #1 in.
2. Articulate our specialty in a brief but exacting specialty statement.
3. Propose what our ideal Dominant Selling Idea should be in the simplest, shortest possible set of words.

Expressing the DSI so It Penetrates Other People's Heads
Here we create the core message elements that transfer the proposed DSI to the external world (consumers, media, and investors), turning into the bona fide, living DSI. We
4. Fabricate the DSI's key building blocks to express it verbally, visually, and phisically - what we call the DSI star.
5. Ring the bell to open the New York Stock Exchange on Monday. No reason not to think big.
Section II is an inside look at the big elements we'll need to bring Half One to fruition - recognizing and constructing the DSI, naming for success, and the rest so you'll be ready to fit the pieces together for a DSI that's Superlative, Important, Believable, Memorable, and Tangible - a DSI that's SIBMT. Nifty acronym, we must say.