Hawkers boosts engagement with Facebook ‘collections’ format

For its 2017 collaboration with Spanish clothing brand El Ganso, the eyewear brand Hawkers tested the collection ad format against photo ads, and found that the collection format boosted engagement by 86% and return on ad spend by 51%.


Case study summary

• Hawkers used Facebook collection ad format displays catalogue items under a main video on Facebook

• Used split A/B testing see performance of ‘Collection’ ads against regular photo ads

• Eyewear brand saw a 51% higher return on ad spend on Facebook Collections ad

The challenge

Founded in Spain in 2013, Hawkers has disrupted the sunglasses market with its stylish, affordable shades. The ecommerce brand’s successful partnerships, branding strategy, and savvy Facebook advertising have fuelled its growth into a business that does an annual $100 million in sales.

Hawkers wanted to test whether the collection ad format, which displays catalogue items under a main video or image, performed better than photo ads on Facebook. The company chose to test a campaign promoting the launch of its new range with fashion brand El Ganso.

The solution

In March–April 2017, Hawkers ran a Facebook ad campaign promoting its new glasses made in collaboration with El Ganso.

Hawkers used Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences to reach a larger audience and deliver the ads to people who were similar to its existing customers in Spain.

The results

Hawker’s test of the collection ad format made massive improvements to its campaign results, and the brand is now investing 33% of its Facebook ad spend into the collection format. By using this format, rather than just single photographs in its ads, Hawkers achieved:

• 51% higher return on ad spend
• 30% lower cost per purchase
• 86% higher engagement (interaction with ads)