Content Creation Tutorial 

There are a lot of overthinking and stress about social media content. Some people think content is the only thing which will bring success, and are overthinking on how to improve their content. Remember 50% of your success is content, and 50% is interaction and reaching your audience. Elise Michel can help you with your interaction and advertising, but what about content ? Your goal when posting your pictures is to get as many people as possible to view/like/comment on your post. Let’s explore the approach you should have :

Content Strategy

It’s best to post frequently, in fact we found that posting every day gives the best results. Posting too often dilutes your engagement (people won’t like every-one of your posts and will get bored of you), and posting not often enough will make it seem that you don’t care. One thing is, if you do not have engaging/interesting content to post, don’t post crap. You should also spend some time figuring out what your audience likes : check your best performing posts and go in that direction. Let’s check it out on one of our client’s account :

content creation tutorial elise michel

Here are the client’s most recent post with their engagement, the client is a Zoo. We can see there is a big difference in engagement on posts with animals and posts with clients/people.

The right next step would be to focus on animal posts in the future, and maybe reduce the frequency of posts showing clients.

It is also important to establish a consistent theme within your account. The theme can be anything from color choices, photography style, a filter on your posts, a video style, etc…

Taco Bell has a consistent style and color theme for their posts, this means their audience know exactly what to expect when following their account.

social media content creation elise michel

Now we understood we need to have a consistent theme, and adapt our posting. Now how about what type of content to create ? You should be following the following rules, while of course adding your personal touch :

  • Post 3–7 times per week
  • Post 50% showcasing your products, and 50% promoting your brand
  • Try to avoid more than 1 “fun fact” or “quote” post per week, unless that’s the niche you’re going for.
  • Pick one differentiating element and include it in ALL YOUR POSTS. Whether it’s a watermark, or a sentence in your post description, or an object in all your pictures.


While your posts are more important than your bio, it is still important to have an appealing account bio to properly present your account. The first step is to check what successful accounts are doing, to get an idea of the format to follow. If you have a blog or website, do not hesitate to link it in your bio but only if the account is related to the website. If you are making a lifestyle personal account and have a webdesign service website, it’s not the best idea to link them together.

creating your bio with elise michel

Profile Picture : Your profile picture is an important part of branding and recall. Your mut have a good, unique, brand-able picture that stands out.

Website Links : If your website is related to your account’s audience/industry, add it to the account. Also if you have other social media pages, add them in order to send people to your other channels.

Brand : I usually recommend clients and friends to treat their account as if they were an internationally famous brand. This will help you create beautiful content and consistently create quality.