Becoming a Key Person of Influence

Every Project needs a Key Person of Influence driving it — a leader and public figure who’s bringing it all together. The key person of influence needs to be able to sell the vision. They must get the message right and be the connecting force between the business, the customers, and the team. The role of the key person of influence is to humanize the business, spread the message via content publishing, and be able to pitch/clearly communicate your message in a way that influences people to become involved in your projects.

These days, there are three layers of branding : Product (iPhone), Company (Apple), and Personality (Steve Jobs). With the presence of social media, the personality brand is arguably the most powerful brand to drive your business. If people like and trust the face of the business, they will trust all the things you represent.

Elise Michel will help you in becoming the Key Person of Influence for your business, positioning you as not only a product leader, but also as an industry authority figure, allowing for more doors to open and more opportunities to rise.