Dominant Selling Idea : Auto Insurance's case

Take any huge industry and think of the players. There is always a giant - and very often a strong #2 - generally followed by a pack of names that are hardly distinguishable. But when one of the pack does emerge, clearer and larger in your mind, it means someone's attempting to get a Dominant Selling Idea into your head. And they're succeeding. 

Example : Auto Insurance
We have some good news. We just switched to Geico.
Geico picked a no-nonsense, Dominant Selling Idea: "the 15 percent cheaper auto insurance by phone."
Then they drilled it into everyone's head. They tempered their relentless messaging with just enough humor and variety to avoid the tedium of so basic and unglamorous a message - but they never failed to center these messages on their pure DSI, either. So on the day our insurance carrier ticked us off enough to switch, we picked up the phone. Their DSI achieved trial. Then, when they answered the line in two rings with a real human, and were so efficient and courteous in the sign-up process, they closed a sale.
It didn't hurt that we smiled over the years at Geico's commercials. But we never would have picked up the phone without a DSI switching itself on in our brain at the precise second of need - unlike the hundreds of other insurance companies whose names didn't register, even though we'd heard just as many of their commercials. And we're obviously not alone because Geico, a relatively obscure name a decade ago, has become the #1 direct writer of private passenger auto insurance in the United States.