Lacoste - Save our Planet

This campaign positions Lacoste as an iconic brand which is not afraid to twist its own codes to support a worthy cause.

The target audience reached with Elise Michel are affluent Lacoste fans who have a deep attachment to the brand and its crocodile. The overall objective was, of course, to reach a wider audience and public attention, but Elise Michel’s roles were limited to affluent audiences.

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HelloFresh boosts conversions 10% with Google Attribution

Case study summary

• Online meal kit firm wanted better understanding of the entire customer journey
• Integrated control of AdWords campaigns based on the results of a cross-channel, data-driven attribution model
• Used Google Attribution: Fully automated bid control based on a data-driven attribution model across channels and device types.
• AdWords cross-channel attributed value bids based on a data-driven model resulted in 10% more conversions and a 6% reduction in cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

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Birchbox uses Instagram Stories to turn inspiration into action

Case study summary

• French cosmetic brand wanted to create a more immersive experience and grow its audience around the world.
• Experimented with Canvas ads in Instagram Stories 
• Combined two messages: one focusing on brand awareness, and another highlighting a promotional offer
• Achieved 50% lower CPM compared to other platforms and 4X increase in click-through rate compared to other ad formats

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DS Automobiles drives leads up and costs down

Case study summary

• Car brand wanted to establish itself as a standalone premium brand that redefines luxury
• Developed a performance-driven strategy including Bing Ads Remarketing in paid search
• Focused on increasing leads and reducing the overall cost per acquisition.
• Achieved a 122% uplift in click-through rate, 17% drop in cost per click year on year

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The Hearsay Rule

Thanks to O.J. Simpsons's "Trial of the Century", millions more people now know something about the hearsay rule.

The Hearsay Rule puzzles many viewers and law students, but rests on a basic human principle: To evaluate what someone says, a person needs to see the speaker. The jurors must see the witness; they cannot just hear what the witness says.

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BusinessChloé RComment
The First Banks Lesson: People Hear What They See

A researcher once asked twenty business owners what several First Bank's commercials were communicating - and shocked the creators.

These commercials featured an attorney preparing to climb Everest. His preparation included studying previous climbs, weather patterns, and other pertinent information. The Bank's explicit message, intoned by the announcer, was that success in anything requires information, and that First Banks had "the information you need to make good financial decisions."

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Study The Ego

The nice thing about egos is that everyone has one. And the bigger they are, the easier they are to read. But don't get egos confused with being egotistical. A person with a big ego has a high opinion of himself, whereas an egotistical person often acts conceited to cover an inferiority complex. I don't intend to play psychologist, but it does help to recognize a prospect with a big ego.

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