Elise Michel’s campaigns.

At Elise Michel, we help advertise your brand to the right audience. Give it a try !


Free - 0

For small teams wanting to try out and understand Elise Michel’s services.


Standard - 500

For teams and businesses ready to promote their projects .

Show your content : 50,000 times

On all online medias

Business - 1 000

For teams and businesses ready to take their projects to the next level.

Show your content : 100,000 times

On all online medias

Custom Campaign

Let’s create your personalized campaign, adapted to your objectives and your budget.



Three ways to pay. Set up your payments with your credit card, debit card, or with a bank payment — whatever’s easiest for you.


Fast service, predictable results. Once you’re set up, your customers will start seeing your content within 2-days.


Start or stop whenever you like. Ready to give Elise Michel a try? There is no obligation, so you can pause, end, or adjust your campaign at any time with no cancellation fees.