How big is elise michel’s audience database ?

Elise Michel gathers audience data of affluent market segments from over 140 countries. Elise Michel owns the largest and fastest growing affluent consumer database with 9.5 million profiles as of 2019.

What is elise michel’s service ?

Elise Michel's services enables an organization to very efficiently - even automatically - reach their entire affluent customer base, both locally and internationally.

With Elise Michel, put your products in contact with your entire target market whenever and as often as you want with immediate and live feedback.

How is the database built ?

The Elise Michel audience dataset consists entirely of consolidated customer profiles. Not a random collection of sources and documents. Elise Michel pro-actively identifies & researches known affluent and high-net-worth segments around the world.

Do you respect the privacy of your audience ?

All our data is respectful of the audience's privacy and in line with GDPR regulations.


Our specialized analysts update our audience data everyday, in real time, sourced from virtually every reliable audience data providers, including social networks and major search engines.

  • 12,000 to 15,000 new profiles are added every month to our audience data.

  • 18,000 to 20,000 existing profiles are updated every month.

Are there different subscription levels for Elise Michel? 

Yes. The following levels are available for your choice: standard, premium and custom.

How do I increase my service level ? 

You can increase your campaign reach by telling your account manager. Increases can be recurring or one time based.

I don't have content, can you help?

Our core business is in distribution management and intelligence, we do not have content creation teams. We are happy to connect you with professionals who can help, but Elise Michel does not create content.

Is there a minimum commitment with Elise Michel?

No. Our services are on a month to month basis, you can stop/pause/upgrade at anytime you'd like. We believe in flexibility.

Can I add budget in the middle of a campaign?

Yes. You are free to add recurring or one-time budgets at anytime with no fees. Ask your account manager for an estimate budget needed based on your requirements.

How do I cancel my service ?

You can cancel your service by telling your account manager, sending a message in our contact form, telling us directly at