• Businesses know precisely who their target market is, and yet seems to have the hardest of times reaching them.
  • Businesses can't keep up with the ever changing digital media landscape.
  • 42% of customers claimed to distrust brands and 69% distrusted brand’s advertising.
  • Constant media change is consuming resources and impacting profitability.
  • Online marketing efforts seem to be ineffective and reach the wrong audiences.
  • Businesses face increasing media spending due to a lack of optimization.


Elise Michel offers you access to accurate marketing and distribution intelligence on your target market, and shows your content and offers on their mobile and computer:

  • Our research team isolates and finds your target market, and analyses their behavior.
  • Create trust and relationships through constant communication, honesty and care for your customers.
  • Showing your content, products, and marketing materials on your customers mobile phones and computers.
  • Charging you only for reaching your customers, no retainers or commitments.
  • Efficient distribution reducing your total marketing cost.

Overall, we can increase efficiency and help you control your total customer targeting and marketing cost.