Elise Michel’s CAMPAIGN :

Every week, Elise Michel launches an advertising campaign with a group of companies, targeted at luxury buyers. Campaigns are divided in slots, and limited in numbers. Companies can purchase slots to participate and have their products put in contact with high-end consumers.

Campaigns are ran on digital channels : search engines, social media, and LinkedIn. Elise Michel only uses brand-safe and non-intrusive placements.


Affluent luxury buyers are extremely tech savvy : 100% use a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

2X smartphone penetration than the general population.

When making purchase decisions, 75% use the internet more than any other medium.

49% of traffic comes from a search engine, and 40% comes from social media.

Across markets, some buy online but 72% of shoppers research online and offline, then go to a store. 65% say they want to touch and feel a product before purchase.

Luxury market buying habits :

Luxury Market Buying Habits

The Audience :

Our target audience is composed of luxury buyers between 25 to 65 years old (who have made 2 luxury purchases in the past year), with a high household income : higher than $200,000 per year.

Our campaigns are running in North America, the European Union countries, the United-Kingdom and the United-Arab-Emirates.

This Market represents 40% of all retail spending. Luxury buyers care about the high-quality and the exclusivity of a product. Sustainability is a plus, but does not trigger a purchase without high-quality or exclusivity.

Where do they live ?

Elise Michel’s Campaign Design :

Every week, from Monday to Sunday, Elise Michel runs an advertising campaign targeted at affluent consumers. Campaigns are ran with a limited number of slots and advertisers can purchase parts of the campaign.

Campaigns are divided into €200 slots, which give advertiser at least 10,000 impressions for their campaign. The CPM for high end audience varies greatly, between €15 to €186 per 1000 impressions. We guarantee 10,000 impressions with each slot, and most campaign will get more.

Here are some more details about our campaign design :

  • Distribution will be done 50% on Google search, 30% on social media, and 20% on Linkedin.

  • Distribution will be 60% on mobile device , and 40% on desktop.

  • Advertisements are shown between 10am and 10pm

  • The number of touchpoints required is 4.3 per person.

  • The average age of the luxury buyer is 41 years old.

Media Inventory detail :

In this section, we will get into the more detailed, high resolution, information on our digital ad inventory and how it would work. The chart below contains information on the available inventory and its price, the media consumption, and the performance of said media.

Based on this information, the best time to run our ads are between 11am and 11pm. The ad performance is highest at these hours, and the ad price is acceptable. More observations will be added below.

Advertising Inventory

More Observations :

  • There is a spike of media consumption in the morning after waking up (6-8am), but with a low performance. Morning media is consumed in high quantity and rarely leads to a purchase. The same observation applies to the hours after 10pm.

  • During the night, the inventory available is low meaning the prices are high. Performance is at its lowest point, and seeing the price is the highest of the day, it is best to not run any ads during the night.

  • During the work day, media consumption is low because people are busy, but performance is high because this is when people discover new and exciting products.