participate in a CAMPAIGN.

Every week, Elise Michel launches an advertising campaign with a group of companies, targeted at luxury buyers. Campaigns are divided in slots, and limited in numbers. Companies can purchase slots to participate and have their products put in contact with high-end consumers. Elise Michel only uses brand-safe and non-intrusive placements.


Campaign details :

Campaigns are divided into €200 slots, which give advertiser at least 10,000 impressions for their campaign.

Here are some more details :

  • Distribution will be : 50% on Google Search, 30% on Social Media, and 20% on LinkedIn.

  • Distribution will be 60% on mobile device , and 40% on desktop.

  • From Monday to Sunday, between 10am and 10pm.

  • 4.3 touch-points per person.

  • Targeted at Luxury Buyers, from 25 to 65 years old, earning more than 200,000 per year

€200 per slot