the Elise Michel approach:

Elise Michel brings together affluent consumers, exceptional Houses, and their products that embody unique savoir-faire, a carefully preserved heritage and a dynamic engagement with modernity.

Elise Michel gathers audience data of affluent market segments from over 140 countries. These segments are known for being fond of high-end goods, private and personal services, and high-quality products.

Elise Michel's services enables an organization to very efficiently - even automatically - reach their entire affluent customer base, both locally and internationally. With us, our clients can put their products in contact with their entire target market whenever and as often as they would want, with immediate and live feedback.

Elise Michel owns the largest and fastest growing affluent consumer database. The Elise Michel audience dataset consists entirely of consolidated customer profiles. Not a random collection of sources and documents. Elise Michel pro-actively identifies & researches known affluent and high-net-worth segments around the world. All our data is respectful of the customer's privacy and in line with GDPR regulations.

Elise Michel's data is collected, reviewed, and tested. Key trends and media choices are summarized in a neatly organized format for each of our clients. Our specialized analysts update our audience data everyday, in real time, sourced from virtually every reliable audience data providers, including social networks and major search engines

You're in good company ! 

Elise Michel is trusted by 80+ clients in 12 countries