About Elise Michel

Elise Michel was launched in 2012, the company was built on the belief that digital advertising requires reliable access to the target audience to be successful, so initially the primary aim was to gather detailed, real-time insights on audience characteristics across the internet. By working with partners such as Google, Facebook, Quantcast and Yahoo, the firm measures metrics such as audience age and gender makeup, areas of interest and type, length and frequency of their engagement with certain types of content. This information is used to design the marketer's target audience with precision.

Elise Michel’s research team keeps the target audience information up to date with any new opportunities or new segments the marketer presents. With this audience access, the marketer simply needs to give Elise Michel their current promotion, content, or advert and describe which audience segment to deliver it to. Elise Michel then delivers the content to the relevant audience and measures the responses. Follows a full transparent report on performance and responses.

In today’s interconnected world, the media landscape are more dynamic, challenging and complex than ever before. Change is constant, and being reactive isn’t an option – you have to already be ready. Startups and businesses need to offer innovative products and services and deliver a seamless customer experience, all while running efficient business operations and dealing with increasing price pressure, evolving delivery models and new competition at every turn.

Some may see this kind of change as an obstacle, but we see it as an opportunity. We’re here to untangle the ever-growing complexity of gathering information on your audience, and to help you thrive and succeed, no matter the challenge.

Elise Michel is the leading marketing intelligence solutions provider and a trusted partner to some of the most well-known companies in the world. We’ll help you tackle the complexity of a changing media landscape, bringing more than 10 years of experience supporting the world’s most respected hotels, media companies and startups in making their hardest decisions simpler and smarter.

You're in good company ! 

Elise michel is trusted by 450+ clients in 17 countries