Boost your campaign performance by reaching affluent consumers. 

Elise Michel helps reaching affluent consumers, including high-net-worth audiences, top executives and business owners.

Know the audience you’re reaching.

Elise Michel is the expert in reaching and advertising to affluent consumers, globally. Using digital media, Elise Michel is able to reach the affluent market segment with ease. While planning your premium campaign, we will answer the following questions :

  • How many of your affluent segment can be reached through the various online medias?

  • On which media should the medias be placed?

  • How frequent should the medias be shown ?

  • How much money should be spent in each medium?

Reach premium audience segments, simply.

Elise Michel will help reaching affluent and premium audience segments. All our media work is done with the client, hand in hand, and in a transparent manner. We do not try to control your campaign, and we do our best to be reachable at any time.

Here’s how it works :

  1. Pick the target location and audience specifics such as interest and gender.

  2. Send the medias Elise Michel needs to promote (videos, advertisements, posts)

  3. Reach your new affluent market segment, within your budget.

  4. Receive our observations and report, and plan your next campaign accordingly.

Advertise solely to your ideal customers. Do not waste anymore of your budget on people who aren’t your customers.


Fast service, predictable results. Once you’re set up, your audience segment will start seeing your media and ads within 2-days.

Start or stop whenever you like. Ready to give Elise Michel a try? There is no obligation, so you can pause, end, or adjust your campaign at any time with no cancellation fees.

Elise Michel is trusted by 450+ clients in 17 countries, you're in good hands.