Introducing Elise Michel

Tell your story to the world, simply.

Tell your story, show your work and promote your products to the right people with Elise Michel. We research and communicate to the list of people who are most important to you.

Elise Michel is the best partner for telling your story on the internet. We reach millions of new people every year for forward-thinking individuals and businesses around the world.

How it works ?


The first step is to pick your target audience.

In order to make an impact, you need to make sure you are targeting people that are most likely to respond to your promotions and content. That means choosing your target audience by location, gender, age, and other factors.

Tell your story

Elise Michel will tell your story, show your work and promote your products to your target audience :

  • Showcase your work to the right people, at the right place and the right time

  • Measure how many show interest, how many will remember you, and how many liked what they saw.

Elise Michel’s communication is an ongoing process, continuously showing your new content and creations to your target audience.



Elise Michel was founded in 2012. Two like-minded people saw the amazing creativity and talent the world has to offer. Amazing opportunities to touch and better the lives of people, and yet most of us never heard of any of them. There is a real difficulty in today’s world for exceptional people and businesses to tell their story, and communicate with the right people. Massive amounts of content is created everyday, and yet not seen by the great majority of people.

At Elise Michel, we hope to be the answer and to help business and individuals alike communicate their story to the right audience. Our company was built on the belief that a forward-thinking business requires reliable access to their target audience to be successful. Our goal is to help gather detailed data on target audience characteristics and behavior and allow our clients to reach them consistently and observe their reactions.

By working with partners such as Google, Facebook, Quantcast and Yahoo, Elise Michel is now able to really make a difference and design the client's target audience with precision before telling them their story.

Elise Michel is a faster, more intelligent way of telling your story to the world.

Elise Michel is trusted by 450+ clients in 17 countries, you're in good hands.